"Andrei is a fantastic business person and creative soul. His work for Mason Zimbler was applauded by customers, loved by his co-workers and recognized across the industry. Mason Zimbler owes him big time for the work he put in to put us on the map."

—Kevin Kerner, Managing Director, Mason Zimbler


"What speaks louder to me than my own opinion of Andrei's work are my clients' reactions. I love that he can lock on to a project with just the right amount of input and produce clever, interesting and goal-driven concepts with consistency."

—Steve Durman, President/Creative Director, Four Man Furnace


“Andrei's talent, insight and dedication were unparalleled. Mentoring young creatives, building client relationships, driving creative concepts — he was a tireless, dedicated team player who poured everything into making the work better."

—Jeff Neely, Executive Creative Director, Mason Zimbler


"Every project I handed to Andrei was handled with professionalism and the writing was spot-on. Any agency that chooses his services will be rewarded with a writer who they can count on — both to capture the hearts of consumers as well as work well within a team."

—Steve Ringer, Creative Director, Rocket Red


"Andrei has an incredible command of the English language from a marketing communications standpoint and from a creative perspective. On projects, he quickly grasps the end goal and takes time to really digest the content and simplify the communication."

—Shar Carpenter, Principal, Redonk Marketing


"Andrei has the uncanny ability to distill even the most complex clients and concepts into solid, powerful creative and make it look effortless. Even more impressive is the way he encourages those creatives around him to collaborate and refine his ideas into the best possible solutions."

—Jeremy Tollberg, Associate Creative Director, Kobie Marketing


"As a creative copywriter, Andrei gets it and then writes it well. He is a pleasure to work with."

—Ben Lee, Owner, Schifino Lee


"Andrei is a true marketing professional. He has an inept ability to deliver highly engaging projects that specifically identify the clients objectives in a creative and thought-provoking way."

—Seth Garber, President/CEO, Bild & Company


"Andrei is a phenomenal creative director and copywriter. He is able to turn jargon into award-winning creative, and articulate highly technical specifications into something that resonates with consumers. Not only does he continually impress his clients, he is also wonderful to work with!"

—Kim Surko, Senior Director of Client Services, Mason Zimbler


"I could always depend on Andrei to deliver smart ideas that were on strategy, on time, and nailed the "voice" of the brand. On top of that, he was a solid team player, who got along great with other creatives and the account teams."

—Kevin Byrd, Creative Director, Rapp Collins Worldwide


"Andrei is the quintessential 5-tool writer. He is creative. He understands marketing. He understands grammar. He plays well in all media. He plays well with others."

—Joe Zagorksi, Partner, MarketGarden